About Dr. Martha Eddy

When people ask me what I do

~ Martha Eddy

Martha Eddy is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Teacher of Body-Mind Centering and Certified Movement Analyst with a doctorate in Movement Science, on the faculty at Empire State College, SUNY, and Princeton University. She is the founder of the non-profit organization Moving For Life as well as the somatic movement therapy trainig Dynamic Embodiment.

Martha is a passionate advocate for health through somatic awareness and active embodiment, with a lifelong commitment to the art of dance.

Over the past forty years Martha has accepted a wide array of opportunities to share how more conscious and expressive human movement can improve different aspects of life.

About This Website

This website gives you access to the following arenas:

  • Health: for individuals or


  • Education: in early childhood and through high school
  • Public speaking: in universities, conferences and galvanizing events – some of which you can find on the media page.
  • Community: Martha is proud to have been part of numerous groups that have creatively developed organizations and consortiums active in social change. These communities have emerged in diverse fields since movement is endemic to all aspects of life.

On the COMMUNITY PAGE you will find projects and organizations that Martha has developed ‘in community’ to bring body awareness, embodiment, and somatic movement and dance to schools for all age groups and abilities; somatic fitness and dance to hospitals and community agencies; performance to universities, parks, and the streets; embodied cognition and leadership to peace-making, violence prevention, conflict resolution and empowerment to marginalized people; and design ideas to a global set of thinkers and makers engaged in developing products for conscious living.

Martha Eddy talks about her early experiences:

” … I first became alert to the body and movement as a social force while growing up, a white girl, in the predominantly black and Puerto Rican neighborhood of Spanish Harlem, NYC. Simultaneously, I embraced fried chicken with collard greens and arroz con habichuelas with equal exuberance, learning to adapt not only my taste buds but also my body language, speech patterns, and attitudes. The Saturday night dances captivated me, when the neighborhood citizens left their weekly travails and congregated around the music. I learned to Salsa and twist in my own style. These early experiences continue to inform my love of diverse communities, dance, and inclusion and have helped me to be more comfortable working with people of all ages and ethnicities around the world….”


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