ISMETA – Professional Pathways, April 29 – May 2


A Somatic Approach to Modulating Assertion for Power. April 29th @ 2:30-4:30pm EST 

Presenters: Martha Eddy, Rosana Barragan, Melinda Teuschel 

Explore strategies from Dynamic Embodiment that support psycho-physical self-assertion, transforming over-exertion, and harmful or aggressive states, whether directed toward others or toward oneself.  

Dr. Martha Eddy and Dynamic Embodiment faculty will offer an in-depth embodied experience of foundational principles and concepts that define the Dynamic Embodiment curriculum. We will demonstrate activities that we do in private sessions as well as in group classes that use specific embodiment for the Modulation of Assertion in life. We will focus on Social Realm: context and systems of dominance and powerlessness; Communication: vocal volume; words & movement to express; Head – Spine Flow as support for the Arms; the Embrace/Moro/Startle Reflex; Accessing Strength and Lightness; Autonomic Nervous System Balance; Finding Self-Worth & Value; Integration through play, improvisation, dance & taking time for transfer of knowledge.