This work culminates in Embodying Peace – understanding tenets of Conflict Resolution as a baseline for better human communication. The Dynamic Embodiment approach recognizes and appreciates different styles of negotiating conflict, including using diverse dynamics in voice and body language when speaking one’s truth directly.

Dynamic Embodiment TM takes many forms including:

Body Mind Dancing

Body Mind Dancing is an anatomically informed somatic dance experience integrating improv with phrases balancing introspection with communication. READ MORE

Moving For Life

Moving For Life offers free dance exercise classes and lectures to promote longevity, especially for those challenged by cancer. Go to the website

Center For Kinesthetic Education

CKE professionals create exercise, movement and dance programs for kids using kinesthetic awareness to aid learning and wellness. Go to the website

Embody Peace

An international embodied peace resource site, and forum for anyone to share movement and bodily approaches to violence prevention, conflict resolution and peace. Go to the website

Eyes Open Minds

EyeOpeners Are MindOpeners Innovative Visual Education Programs that Focus Attention using the Eyes, Body and Mind, for the classroom, at home and in the world. Go to the website