Clearing Trauma Through Breatwork with Giten Tonkov

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November 18, 2020 all-day America/New York Timezone


in spite of personal hardships and our collective uncertainty, you CAN learn how to release the pent-up effects of trauma to lead a more fulfilling life…

BioDynamic Breathwork is designed to open up your heart so you can feel happy and hopeful again. 

On Wednesday, November 18, Giten Tonkov, the founder of the BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System, will help you begin to heal and release core tensions by working through and clearing repressed negative energy stuck within your body.

In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll discover:

  • The physical sensation produced by the body when your trauma is released
  • How trauma turns to tension and how it’s stored in the body, accumulating over the years
  • The 7 “Belts” that exist throughout the body — and how tension is distributed in particular patterns
  • The 6 elements of BioDynamic Breathwork and how this modality works differently than ordinary breathwork
  • How the heart, in particular, is taxed during these difficult times