Moving Stories–A Somatic Exploration of the Creative Voice

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July 22, 2022 @ 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Hybrid class from Dharma in Motion’s Salish Seas Retreat Space
Salt Spring Island

Instructors: Dr. Martha Eddy & Dr. Seónagh Kummer 

 After warming up with a Body Mind Dancing class we will bring our voices into the workshop space through sound and movement, and explore where in our bodies we may have held ourselves back or been held back by others as women or femmes. We present movement ideas through the lens of the life-death-life cycle of a Wild Woman archetype who goes through cycles related to femininity and aging, and who holds space for necessary deaths and births that are part of life’s journey. We will breathe and empower physical statements of strength and concerns as we each develop and personalize our own dance movement. These exercises can help us give voice to our stories–about aging, joys, wisdom, grief or loss.

Participants have an opportunity to develop meaningful movement during the course of the workshop. To personalize this event we invite each participant to bring 2 objects (from home or nature) or photographs of importance. Objects that hold memory sometimes help illuminate distances between our memories or our investments.  As we attend to the importance of objects or photographs in relation to memory, we note there is a complex relationship between our memories, our grief, our emotional investments, slow changes, and trauma within our families’ and communities’ stories. we will utilize our own objects or photographs as a means of considering and interrogating the concepts of remembering, forgetting, and telling our stories.

Trauma responses can involve muting of one’s own voice, which is held in the body, and may occur in response to real and on-going yet fixed conditions, and events resulting in feelings of powerlessness.  With awareness that trauma patterns sometimes silence our most intimate stories and desires, part of the day will also involve an emphasis on different types of trauma patterns, and therefore different types of touch, to meet distinct types of constraints on bodily tissues. In the face of chronic systemic dominance, as often experienced under societal pressure, there may be hidden or obvious expressions of internalized pain/trauma or discomfort that keep us from telling our personal stories. Small steps are welcome. Creativity heals.

Cost: 115 USD/ 115 CAD For Canadian Workers. 

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Dynamic Embodiment in Collaboration with Dharma in Motionand Dr. Seónagh Kummer

Partial Scholarships Available. Write to or@dharmainmotion