Embodied Conflict Resolution – Integrating the Aesthetics of Disability

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July 23, 2022 @ 1:15 pm – 3:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Hybrid class from Dharma in Motion’s Salish Seas Retreat Space
Salt Spring Island

Instructor: Dr. Martha Eddy 

In this workshop in embodied conflict resolution we will continue to move in our bodies while honing in on various types of experiences of disrespect that result from “isms” such as ableism. The non-profit “Dharma in Motion” and Dr. Martha Eddy, come together with a select number of in person participants and international participants from the “Fondación Comparlante” of Buenos Aires, and the “International Gandhian Institute for Nonviolence and Peace.” We look at conflicts that arise in families, communities, or within oneself, in relationship to “isms” that each person has experienced, which create inhumanity and indignity. There will then be an opportunity to focus specifically on ableism as a source of conflict. We will learn embodied conflict resolution and movement skills that help foster clearer positive communication for families, educators, parents, and professionals using conflict resolution skills in their communities. We will have movement and verbal interaction with the group of attendees, and time for international dialogue.

Note to participants: This class will take place indoor/outdoor (weather permitting). Please let us know if you have any mobility challenges and accessibility needs. Salish Seas Retreat Space is beautiful and complex, we will do our best to support everyone’s mobility needs.

Dynamic Embodiment in Collaboration with Dharma in Motionand Dr. Seónagh Kummer 

Cost: 60 USD/ 60 CAD For Canadian Workers. Partial Scholarships Available. 

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Write to officeofmarthaeddy@gmail.com or@dharmainmotion