Trauma Recovery: A Somatic Approach in Building Trust and Self-Confidence in Response to Gender-Related Violence

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November 18, 2021 @ 4:00 am – 7:00 am America/New York Timezone

Thursday, November 18, 10 – 2pm Central European Time, 5-8am EST.

Register here and EMAIL and with any questions, accommodations, etc. 

Suggested fees: Standard €55, Supporter €70, Supported €45. Some partial scholarships may be available.  PayPal: or contact us (contact info above) for bank transfer. DE students are asked to make a contribution. You must pay in order to reserve your spot. 

If you register we’d like to hear  a bit about your motivation to join us. It would be great to have a few words about what context you are working in and how we can support you. (contact info above.) 

For those joining in person : ***The rules in Berlin for Virus safety are that you will need to be either vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 in order to attend in person. **

Location: Somatische Academie Berlin.

Join two senior teachers who have been helping people across the globe deal with the trauma they have experienced from gender-related violence. This will be a laboratory where Christa and Martha each share their approaches to recovery. We invite you to join the process of acknowledging our common ground and our diversity of approaches in finding healing and action in our lives after disruption or harm, and from any form of relational disconnection. This is a taste of what professionals can bring into their practices to provide a trauma informed setting.

Register for the BMD class afterward at 2-3:15pm CET and 8-9:15am EST, at this link.