Workshop with Rosana Barragan Dancing In & Through the Fourth Phase of Water

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February 10, 2024 @ 3:20 pm – 4:05 pm America/New York Timezone

Workshop: Dancing In & Through the Fourth Phase of Water 

In the context of Expanding Education through Somatic Practices, Online Conference Feb 9-10, 2024.

This experiential workshop will follow the BodyMind Dancing™ somatic dance pedagogy and will focus on embodying the perspective of the new biology of water based on the approaches of the fourth phase of water by Gerald Pollack and the crystalline art work by Veda Austin related to the consciousness of water. These two individuals are at the forefront of water research, based on studies of the fourth phase of water, also referred to as hexagonal water, or structured water, or liquid crystalline water, or exclusion-zone (EZ) water. Pollack explains that building EZ water in our cells can be done in various ways, including how there is a major effect coming from light in the aliveness of this phase of water. How through movement can we enhance the characteristics of intracellular water and embody through various tissues of the body this special gel-like quality that is essential to structured water? We will explore different states of embodiment and specific movement qualities that will put us in contact with the fourth phase of water. We will use elements of  Body-Mind Centering® and Dynamic Embodiment®. Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen refers to the research by Gerald Pollack and the fourth phase of water as the key to longevity. We will explore some of the questions that the conference embraces as we explore our somatic understanding of the new biology of water and how this has an innovative potential toward maximizing holistic health.