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Deborah Heifetz and Martha Eddy: Reclaiming the Female Body for Power in Negotiation

Martha Eddy on BodyImage with Virginia Reed

Calming the Nervous System with Martha Eddy. Recommendations for stressful times.

Feb 2019 interview with Mark Walsh of The Embodiment Conference about how Dynamic Embodiment was influenced by my teachers and parents and why it incorporates social justice work. 

Martha Eddy discusses Dynamic Embodiment approaches to working with Parkinson's Disease with David Levanthal and Dance for Parkinson's teachers and students from around the world. Recorded in Jan 2016.

Julie Motz' interview featuring Dr. Eddy's applications of Bainbridge Cohen's Occupational Therapy work and BodyMind Centering™.

Dr. Martha Eddy talks about History of Embodied Awareness and Where the Field of Somatic Education is Today. Part of the Embodied Life Summit podcast: Infinite Ways of Health and Creativity, a speaker series with somatic visionaries.

Interview with Dr. Martha Eddy on Blogtalk Radio show Soma Talk. Dr. Martha Eddy talks about movement science and education. Focusing on her work with conflict resolution and how somatic awareness can play a central role in it.