Applying Somatics to Dance and Dance Education

BodyMind Dancing™

BodyMind Dancing™ is a unique synthesis of some of the finest forms of somatic education: the language of human movement - Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals which teach movement efficiency and Body-Mind Centering® which helps to bring consciousness to all parts of the body. As a whole, BodyMind Dancing™ is an anatomically informed dance experience that integrates technical skill building exercises with improvisation. Each student has an experience that both invites introspection and awareness of self while meeting the best practices in fitness.

Global Water Dances

C-DaRE Workshop with Martha Eddy and Sandra Golding.

Martha Eddy, This Old House. 2014 US BMCA Conference

This Old House -­‐-­‐ A reflection and homage to the changing codes of the human body as it moves through life. Centered in somatic movement and dance, this interactive performance invites the audience to recognize their body changes and movement patterns since birth, to crawling, creeping, diagonals, spirals...

A workshop taught in the Summer of 2017 at the University of North Carolina Greensboro by Dr. Martha Eddy.

The workshop introduced Dynamic Embodiment methodology with a focus on Motor Development during which BodyMind Dancing phrases (developed by Dr. Martha Eddy) were used to teach many somatic movement concepts.

The montage was created by Professor Mila Parrish.