Movement Programming in Different Stages of Life

Dr. Martha Eddy speaks about movement programming (exercise, dance, fitness, therapeutic movement) in different stages of life - spanning infancy and early childhood through adulthood at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City

Published on Apr 24, 2014

Somatic Inquiry and the Socially Conscious Body

Dr. Martha Eddy brings to the fields of health, wellness and education, her strong belief in the power of movement and somatic-awareness to enhance lives.

Published on Feb 22, 2013

Martha Eddy speaks or guides experiential sessions on the following topics and related themes:

  • Human Movement Development: A Physiological Perspective
  • The Language & Philosophy of Human Movement-Movement Analysis & Efficiency
  • Communication Through Movement
  • Holistic Approaches to Injury Reduction
  • Functional and Expressive Aspects of Human Movement in Cultural and Interdisciplinary Contexts
  • New Careers in Health, Performance & Education - a somatic VIEW
  • New Directions in Health & Healing: Where East Meets West
  • Embodied Cognition: Dynamic Movement, Dynamic Health©
  • Ethics of Touch & Movement in Diverse Professions
  • Dynamic EmbodimentTM: an Observational Lens for Assessment and Interventions
  • History of the Field of Somatic Education
  • Somatic Movement, Somatic Psychology, Somatic Bodywork
  • Theories of Wellness: Embodied Approaches
  • The Role of Dance in Health, Education and Citizenship
  • Participatory Arts in Social Justice Movements
  • Dance as a Healing Force for Change
  • Embodied Peace-Making Strategies
  • Discussing The Socially Conscious Body
  • Spiritual Coordination: Taking a Step Back during Community Activism to Get Social Change Moving
  • Dynamic Embodiment Approaches to Conflict Transformation